The Quintessential Guide To The Game Of War – Fire Age App

Game Of War – Fire Age is undoubtedly the first truly global MMO strategy game. It provides a superb opportunity to destroy, chat or help people in a fascinating game of global conquest. The game allows players to become kingpins in a barren city. They are given the responsibility to build a great empire. Players can take advantage of alliances to fend off attacks by other kingdoms. Alternatively, they can conduct raids on enemy cities.

Game Of War - Fire Age Logo

Game Of War – Fire Age Logo

Game of War – Fire Age comes with a unique social system. It automatically translates chats into a chosen language. This makes it easy for players around the world to communicate as they engage each other. The 2D game also enables players to train warriors and upgrade structures. The abundance of RPG elements enables players to equip themselves with armor, level up and customize their Hero.

The Game of War Fire Age download app is available for both Android and iOS. This mobile massively multiplayer online strategy game is produced by Machine Zone. It is available to players around the world as a freemium release. Machine Zone uses a high-profile advertisement campaign to monetize the game. It comes as no surprise that Game of War Fire Age App was one of the highest grossing games in 2014 and 2015.

The Quintessential Guide To The Game Of War - Fire Age App

The Quintessential Guide To The Game Of War – Fire Age App

In-game modes

The in-game modes include player versus environment, which entails dungeons and monster killing. On the other hand, player versus player modes are also a popular option characterized by battles and more. Players have to farm or gather resources to accumulate troops, create structures and implement research advancements.

The gameplay involves the selection of an action. Players can either complete the task faster by making a payment or wait out for completion.


Game of War Fire Age for PC places much emphasis on joining alliances, which are limited to 100 players. The alliances are located on kingdoms that are plotted on a staggered isometric map measuring 512 x 1024. Each kingdom transitions from a protected status after few months of being active. Once the protection is lifted, players start engaging in combat activities against enemy kingdoms. The battles are scheduled periodically by the developer.

Game of War Fire Age cheats are available for selection online. On the other hand, gameplay does not have a pre-defined finale. Long-term players have the opportunity to keep growing indefinitely. They simply continue participating in kingdom versus kingdom battles while avoiding debilitating losses. A single devastating attack has the capacity to cause so much damage that it takes months to recover. The attacks can wipe out hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on gathering troops.

Game Of War - Fire Age Gameplay Play Mobile App

Game Of War – Fire Age Gameplay Play Mobile App

Key features

Machine Zone, the publisher of Game of War Fire Age APK MOD download has taken schadenfreude and transformed it into a multi-billion-dollar project. Some of the key features that makes the game popular and appealing to multitudes of players from around the globe include:

Integrated chat box — two modes enables players to either communicate with a group or a single player.
Customization — hero customization is designed to provide flexibility to boost in-game experiences. The customizations allow players to change a character’s capabilities or appearance. It is possible to bolster weapons using powerful gems.
Combat action — battles take place in real-time allowing players to establish new units with specialized capabilities in the course of assaults. This enables alliances to respond appropriately to the challenges of a given battle.
Game principle — players can make their hero stronger and more deadly through ongoing exercises and training. In addition, they build and grow kingdoms by erecting different types of structures.
Alliance — this aspect plays an important role when it comes to facilitating progression into the game. Alliance members can share or exchange resources for the benefit of the entire group.

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