The Next Generation TVs From Samsung Will Be Equipped With QLED Displays

Next generation TVs from Samsung will be equipped with so-called QLED displays. Samsung will yet again produce OLED TVs in the coming years. The first models with this new type of screen must be available within two to five years.

Samsung already using OLED displays in smart phones and LG brings years OLED TVs on the market. QLED has combined a new type of OLED (an alternative to LCDs) in which the properties of the quantum dot TVs from Samsung of OLED screens.

OLED and quantum dot

The advantage of OLED is that pixels can be turned off individually. Black is therefore really black. Moreover, the pixels themselves enlightened and no backlight is more necessary so that the screens can be much thinner. Finally, the color reproduction of OLED screens often better.

Quantum dot technology adds a layer of nano-crystal to a screen. Which should provide for better colors and higher brightness.

Samsung QLED

Samsung QLED

Quitting OLED

Samsung has spent years doing research on OLED TVs, but it stopped there in early 2015. OLED TVs are difficult to make so that the manufacturing costs are high. The company announced early this year to see even more bread in OLED. Meanwhile, would therefore change got there.

According to sources, Samsung is increasingly interested in QLED and it has now stopped investing in additional research on LCD panels.

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The Next Generation TVs From Samsung Will Be Equipped With QLED Displays
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