Swiftkey – The Best Keyboard For Your Smartphone

Are you fed up by the standard keyboard that comes with your Android based phone?

You cannot change its properties and the small keyboard makes swift and error free typing impossible, especially for those who have fat fingers.
Swiftkey, the best ever configurable keyboard for Android phones is among the top 10 smartphone app of 2016. It provides you with the ability to change the default keyboard of your mobile and replace it with one that is much smarter.

Swiftkey App

Swiftkey App

You now have the opportunity of selecting the size of the K/B: small, medium, and big. Apart from this, it also allows you to configure it to place navigation arrow keys… a boon when one wants to edit multi lines of text.
One also has the option to put the number keys at the top of the keyboard… one no longer needs to change the layout for inputting numbers. If this is not enough, the key also prompts icons when you type a particular word.

Swiftkey App - The Best Keyboard For Your Smartphone

Swiftkey App – The Best Keyboard For Your Smartphone

Therefore, do not be surprised if you see a heart symbol when you type the word “love”. These icons allow you to express yourself even more without compromising on your typing speed. Although 1986 has witnessed a deluge of applications, Swiftkey is one of the latest smartphone apps that remembers combinations of your latest phrases and pops a prompt when your type one of the words included in that phrase. It even remembers your favorite email and phone numbers… little wonder that people often call it the mind reading keyboard.

You can find out more about this mobile application on Apps World or any other site where you can find details about everything related with apps. Are you wasting time toggling between your K/B and the clipboard? Forget this headache with Swiftkey, which also includes a clipboard. Download this application from app world store and try it out today. You can rest assured that you will never try any other keyboard again.

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Swiftkey - The Best Keyboard For Your Smartphone
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