Sony Playstation VR (Virtual Reality) Review

The Sony Playstation VR (Virtual Reality) release date was a day that was met with a combination of excitement and trepidation. On one hand, the idea of a slightly more affordable VR headset, one that was supported by a real game maker and that didn’t require a hardcore computer, was very appealing. On the other hand, Sony has had a reputation for trotting out great new peripherals and forgetting about them a few months later. This Sony Playstation VR review seeks to figure out whether people were right in the former case or the latter.
Because we made an review for Oculus Rift VR let’s make another about Sony PS4 VR. Let see more about this down below.

Getting the big selling point out of the way quickly, it’s easy to see that the Sony Playstation VR price is a lot less than the price of the industry VR leaders, especially if you already have a Playstation 4. The price goes up significantly once you factor in the price of the camera and the Playstation Move controllers, but the total play price is still very competitive.

Sony Playstation VR (Virtual Reality) Review

Sony Playstation VR (Virtual Reality) Review

Beyond that, what you have is an experience that’s not quite the VR that you had assumed you were getting. There are some fantastic applications (especially the Batman game), but everything’s a step or two behind where you’d like it to be. The Move controllers don’t quite map to real human hands, so you never quite feel like you’re in the game. The camera does have some tracking problems as well, so you’re looking at an experience that isn’t quite as ideal as you’d like.

That’s a shame, because Sony seems to be pushing out games that are head and shoulders above the competition right now. VR is largely a space of novelty apps, Sony’s (thus far) dedicated to publishing real games. Alongside the aforementioned Batman Arkham VR, there are a handful of other fantastic titles that are more than worth a try. While Playstation VR might not have the nerd cache that Oculus Rift carries, it seems more dedicated to having a real gaming experience.

If there is a real downside to the Playstation VR, it’s probably the creator of the device. Sony’s dipped its toes into a dozen other peripherals over the years, and it’s never really supported any of them. The Playstation VR even requires the use of two other abandoned peripherals – the Eye and the Move – which doesn’t bode well for the long-term success of the device. It’s fairly obvious that the VR needs to be successful quickly to be supported.

As of the moment, the Playstation VR system is a solid buy. It’s difficult to say if it will be supported for long, but for the moment it’s having a good run. At the end of the day, that’s the most you can ask out of any headset.

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Sony Playstation VR Review
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