Playing Pokémon Go For Apple Watch

Ever since Pokémon Go was introduced to the world in July of 2016, the ability to play the game on the Apple Watch has been eagerly anticipated. The Pokémon Go for Apple Watch release date was December 22, 2016. This was a wonderful holiday gift for Apple Watch users. Until this point, all functions of the game had to be completed on the player’s phone.

Pokémon Go Game Apple Watch App

Pokémon Go Game Apple Watch App

The integration of the game and the Apple Watch allow users to perform many functions of the app on their watch and also have their kilometers walked be considered a workout.

For users who are using the game as a workout method, this is great news.

While the player could calculate the distance on their phone, having the app on the watch is considerably easier, as this calculation is done automatically.

Something about Pokemon Go Gameplay on Apple Watch

To play Pokemon Go on Apple Watch, the user simply needs to download and install the app. Once this is complete, it is easy to play Pokemon Go on Apple Watch.

Pokémon Go Game Apple Watch

Pokémon Go Game Apple Watch

The trainer’s current level is displayed on the watch, as well as the amount of XP needed to be promoted to the next level. Users can also see how many calories they have burned. The Apple Watch Pokeon Go app alerts the user that a Pokémon is nearby.
Similar to the phone app, new Pokémon are shown as silhouettes. The Pokemon must actually be caught on the user’s smart phone, however, items can be collected from Poké stops by swiping the watch’s screen.

Players are alerted when eggs are hatching and the hatching animation and which Pokemon hatched is shown on the watch’s screen.

The Pokémon Go Apple Watch App

The Pokémon Go Apple Watch app gives the user a summary of their activity once they have completed their Pokémon hunting for that time period. This summary includes the total distance traveled, calories burned, and what items were collected during the session. Getting fit and having fun at the same time has never been easier.

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Playing Pokémon Go For Apple Watch
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