Must Have Smartphone Apps For Your Latest Mobile – Lenovo Z2 Quick Review

The Snapdragon 820 processor by Qualcomm is the chip of choice when it comes to manufacturers looking to provide the maximum horsepower to their latest smartphones, particularly the high priced ones. Therefore, it is not surprising when Lenovo launched their Z2 Plus at a price much lower than most mobiles boasting of the same speed. They did not compromise on memory too as this mobile boasts of a whopping 3GB memory. Obviously, there has to be some compromise somewhere to allow Lenovo to market this gadget for $299.

Smartphone apps Lenovo Z2 plus

Lenovo Z2

The beast within Lenovo Z2

Let us take a look at what is inside this mobile Lenovo Z2 and whether it lives up to its hype. You will be surprised to find that this mobile offers the same speed and multi tasking available on higher priced mobiles. This compact device did not show any lad while playing any game or running any smartphone app preinstalled in it. Boasting of a five inch full high definition screen, bright enough to use perfectly both outdoors as well as indoors, and the colors are natural. It is amazing to see that this beauty offers a fast fingerprint sensor along with a U-Touch feature. The latter allows the user to assign actions or shortcuts to a tap or double tap, a press and long press, a left or right swipe on the home button. Obviously, it is going to take you some time to get familiar with these features. However, once you get the hang of it, you can use a single button to control the phone and will never require the on screen keys. There is one flaw in this mobile… its camera does not take quality pictures in poor light conditions. It also has a typical slab design, something not expected from Lenovo, considering this is their flagship mobile.

Suggested smartphone app

This mobile contains all of the common smartphone app that one finds in modern generation mobiles. If you so want, you can download other applications from Google’s Play Store. Available in two colors… black and white… this 149 grams phone is ideal for everyone, if they are willing to compromise with its average quality camera.

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Must Have Smartphone Apps For Your Latest Mobile - Lenovo Z2 Quick Review
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