Most Widely Used Software OneNote

I write articles in OneNote. If you write on your phone or tablet, you can write in OneNote as an article and when finished just out of the program without any fear that I would not find then synchronized desktop.
Why not write directly into the official WordPress? Because it seems to me very weak and I am afraid that I will not accidentally Publish instead of Save Draft.
Also in OneNote article writing any new idea comes to mind. I usually use widget on the screen that opens to place a new note, and write a few words there. If I book me there and write down what they hear on the press conferences.

One Note Image

One Note Image

OneNote has three major advantages:

– syncs between devices quickly and without errors.
– it has separate application, not just running in the browser.
– it has the best structure for me and a simple, airy.

Why say it’s an advantage that is not running in the browser? Primarily because it does not get lost among dozens of tabs open at once. His button pinned to the taskbar is always ready to open with a simple click. Then they began to annoy me just all applications running in the browser, causing it to consume a lot of memory and possibly if dropped any tab, to drop more cascade.
It also has web version, accessible from the browser, but for me the stand-alone is the strength. Now why my application is useful.

Here it is a very simple, once installed on the mobile OneNote appears as a destination share. If I read a good article somewhere I can give him Share to OneNote, and I will find the program as a new note, complete with link and summary. I can give to OneNote and share a photo gallery, a meaning.
It is then synchronized including desktop, where you can reread, transformed into articles for blogs and so on. Especially when passing through aggregators with many items, such as Flipboard or Feedly, save them to OneNote is two strokes.
I installed including browser extension that saves web pages as official notes in OneNote. It is easier and faster than save them as bookmarks that can then search through them and may also see the pictures. Extension can make screenshots.


At one point I wanted to make even a white board on the wall with a marker and write things on her blog, that I said I lists various topics upcoming changes, links and so on. I abandoned the idea because OneNote behave exactly the same, not destroy walls, it is more modern and always at hand. The program has sections (looks like tabs) within those pages, menus are small and can be hidden and intrusive and most screen space remains as type whiteboard.
Not that doodle, although you can take notes and drawing, but in the sense that as you organize information in text boxes, like diverse stick post-it notes on the screen wherever you want. And the OneNote excels at ways to introduce your text not only like in Word formatting (size, color, heading, font), but also by the organization lists.
Bulleted lists are available for about 20 “dashes” from classical splat box to check the fulfillment signs important, critical stage, idea, priority and so on. Many are interactive, meaning you can tick what you’ve done and what is not in that list.

One Note Software

One Note Software

Also in OneNote save various small items that I need from time to time: company data, show them immediately for billing or to give them a copy / paste into an email, HTML code that add button subscribe below video, various other statements that insert in several articles and so on.
I could do all this in several files Notepad, but it’s much more efficient with everything in one place.
I keep in OneNote and journey information. A page used as a baggage list by category to another give copy / paste the data on airfare, accommodation, how to get there eventually. I do this on the desktop and I know I will find immediately the phone, I never had a problem with roadblocks. Android app, by the way, has different widgets.

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Most Widely Used Software OneNote
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