Let LastPass App Remember Your Passwords

It is crazy, and next to impossible, to remember countless passwords for the different sites you are a member of. As any seasoned internet user will tell you, you should never use the same password for different sites. In such a scenario, if someone manages to hack your password, he will be able to gain access to all the sites you are a member of. Writing down the password on a small notepad is of no use, unless you are willing to carry it with you.

Would it not be awesome if there were someone that remembered those different passwords for you?

This is exactly what LastPass app, a free smartphone app does. This password manager is one of the most powerful ones available and you can find mention about it on most popular sites where discussions about everything related with apps are held.

LastPass App Remember Your Passwords

LastPass App Remember Your Passwords

Although this smartphone app is free, you have to pay a small charge for synchronizing it with your desktop and back… something I strongly recommended. Voted as one of the best and latest smartphone apps, this beauty works in the background, noting down each password and encrypting them before storing them. You can also use this application to generate tough to crack passwords.

Visit the Google App Store to download and install the Android version of this amazing application. If you want additional security for your passwords, you should also download LastPass Authenticator app, which is also available in Google Play.

LastPass App Remember Your Passwords

LastPass App Remember Your Passwords – Protection


Blackberry users need not feel left out since a version for that platform is available too on the apps world. Using this application is extremely simple and you should get acquainted with all of its features once you use for a few days.

Forget the hassle of remembering numerous passwords on your Android or Blackberry smartphone or taking the risk of using the same password for all sites by visiting app world downloading and installing LastPass, a password manager that is a step ahead of other similar apps.

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Let LastPass App Remember Your Passwords
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