If Apple Had The “courage” To Remove The Headphone Jack, Samsung Will Do The Same

Samsung is about to remove the 3.5mm jack for Galaxy S8 which will be released next year. In doing so, the device will become thinner and at the same time will allow more space for a bigger battery, which we hope will not explode at some point. If you do not own a pair of wireless headphones, which are quite expensive, you need to use USB Type-C added with an adapter to use standard wired headset. The same we can see on the iPhone 7 and Moto Z.

Samsung will remove the 3.5 jack

Samsung will remove the 3.5 jack

Samsung will include two stereo speakers in the future Galaxy S8 and eliminate physical Home button. This is consistent with what other Android manufacturers have made long. A plus for this decision could be the presence of an edge-to-edge display, one that hopefully will be similar to the one currently on your smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix from.

Furthermore, a dual-camera configuration will make its appearance on the new Galaxy S8. However, we can not know what will help; Increased clarity (Huawei P9), wide-angle camera (LG G5), or an additional optical zoom lens (Apple iPhone 7 Plus).

However we should discover them in February at Mobile World Congress, in which the new Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Edge will debut.

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