How To Create WhatsApp Account On Mobile Or PC?

As some of us know WhatsApp is really a great app, some of us may find this post kind of outdated but there are still some who needs this post very well, creating a WhatsApp account is very important in using WhatsApp. As we know whatsApp is a great chatting tool with not regional or country restriction.

For some that don’t know how WhatsApp work, the application uses your mobile number as the link to you, just like your text messaging, it involves the having the number to send it to. This will be required in your registration. Now let get straight to business of the post.

How Do You Open WhatsApp Account On Mobile Or Computer

WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp Account

In WhatsApp registration what you need the most is the application and your mobile registration number.
The mobile number you are going to use will be the number that people have the most of the number you want people can reach your through.

First thing you need to do:

Download and install the WhatsApp application whether on mobile or computer from Play Store.
Now you will be asked for your mobile number, insert your mobile number for both mobile or computer installation;
After inserting your mobile number and it accepts it, you are good.
The WhatsApp will automatically sync your contacts stored on your phone, and if any of your contact are registered with WhatsApp it will show on your favorite list;
And you are done;