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I didn’t think Flightradar24 Pro was going to be all that cool. But some kind of latent aviation nerd was awoken upon seeing the flights displayed like ants on the global map, inching their way between ports. It’s all real information, and it’s really cool.
Airplanes transmit information that can be picked up by ground stations; the app puts this info into the palm of your hand. Find a flight that looks interesting on the map and tap it, or point your device at the sky to ID a metal bird in passing. Find out where it’s going and when it will arrive, plus info about the kind of aircraft, its current speed and altitude, and a high-res image of the plane. Check out what the pilot’s seeing in real-time and 3D!
If you’re interested in a specific plane, you can search for it using its flight number, airline, or port of departure/destination. Track grandma as she flies to your house for Christmas.
There are a couple extra features available for in-app purchase, like setting up alerts on specific flights.
The Pro version of Flightradar24 is absolutely worth buying for aviation enthusiasts. The tech is amazing and the app is really well designed.
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Free Download Flight Radar 24 Pro - Flight Tracker APK V6.7.5 for Android (179 downloads)
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