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Thanks to the availability of low cost mobile internet services and the proliferation of websites, approximately 70% of people use their smartphones to browse the internet. Quite a few of them try to visit sites that provide adult content or websites that allow people to downloaded pirated software.

Certain sites also allow individuals to view the latest movies. Most internet service providers have blocked access to such sites as well as keep a track of their customers who visit such sites through their IP (internet protocol). However, that does not mean that you cannot visit such sites. ExpressVPN, one of the latest and trending smartphone app allows you to do just that.

ExpressVPN App Solution

ExpressVPN App Solution

Although this program is available for desktops, those who know everything related with apps will tell you that you can download the same from Google Play Store. The good news is that this application is available for all operating systems including the Blackberry platform as well and one can download the same from the app world. Most good things in life do not come free and it is the same for this application. The user has to pay either a monthly, half yearly, or yearly subscription. Once you have paid the subscription, downloaded ExpressVPN from apps world, and installed it on your smartphone, you can use it to visit all sites including those blocked by your internet service provider too.

Why do you not try this application for a month?

Since the vendor offers a 30 days money back policy, you can ask for a refund if it does not work as promised. Unlike other virtual private networks, this one allows you blazing fast connection as well as unlimited bandwidth. This is one of the latest smartphone apps, useful for individuals whose ISP censors access to certain sites. The best part of this app is that it hides your location and IP address.
This means the server you connect to, will not be able to identify your location. Since ExpressVPN uses 256 bit encryption, you can rest assured that your data remains protected from prying eyes.

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