Cyanogen OS Summary Review 2016

If you own an Android smartphone, you are in the majority since it is the most popular OS. Most people enjoy Android because of many customizable features. The Cyanogen OS, while not an operating system, is built on the Android. It gives the user much more customizable options and several more features than Android.

Cyanogen OS vs Android

With a cyanogen phone, it takes the Android’s customization to a whole new level. Cyanogen has its own theme engine, which means you can change your device’s appearance far beyond wallpaper or fonts. You have the option to change animations, booting appearance, create tiles, and much more. You can literally change the theme to exactly how you want it.

Create Custom Controls

You can create controls and buttons that can be completely customized so that you can use your smartphone the way you want. This includes tap controls, such as double tapping or long taps.

Better Photo Options

Cyanogen OS 12.1

Cyanogen OS 12.1

You’ll also enjoy advanced photo features such as burst exposure, slow-motion, and white balance, to name a few. Because there is the long exposure option, your night photos are crisp and clear. Moreover, the Integrated Gallery automatically deletes duplicate photos, and has the ability to organize your photos better by bringing them together from various services.

Music Options

A cyanogen phone includes AudioFX, which gives you 13 preset configurations. These presets are designed to give the best sound for different types of music. Moreover, there are customizations for reverb, bass boost, and surround sound. This allows you to adjust the sound to suit your tastes.


Cyanogen OS One Plus

Cyanogen OS One Plus

If you’ve ever been in a lighted room and moved into a darker area with your phone, the light can feel blinding. The LiveDisplay automatically adjusts to your environment. So if you’re in sunlight, it will be brighter than if you’re in dim surroundings.

Cyanogen OS gives Android users what they have always wanted, more customization. You can make your device more user-friendly, and meet your individual needs at the same time.

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Cyanogen OS Summary Review 2016
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