Browse Sans Pop Ups With Brave Browser It Makes The Browser Safe

As 2016 is about to depart, making way for 2017, and as the holiday season is round the corner, it seems that application makers are pushing the envelope on a regular basis to provide us with the latest and useful apps.
Brave Browser is one such app that makes browsing enjoyable and safe. While the default Chrome is a memory hog and slows down the speed of our smartphones, this browser not only consumes less memory, but prevents unwanted ads from popping up as well.
Keeping these facts in mind, it is no wonder that this smartphone app always finds a word of mention on any website that provides information about everything related with apps.

Brave Web Browser

Brave Web Browser

Browse faster and safer with Brave

As any user of Android based mobiles will tell you, most free applications come with a compromise. They push pop up ads randomly when one is browsing the net. Tapping on them by mistake redirects the browser to Google’s Play Store.

This can be quite irritating, especially when someone is busy reading an important article that he or she has stumbled upon. It might prove to be difficult to find the URL of that article. This small footprint browser blocks all these annoying ads, allowing you to browse peacefully.
This is why many review sites include it in the top 10 list of the latest smartphone apps. Apart from providing you with a hassle free browsing experience, Brave Browser also optimizes the life of your mobile’s battery because of the small amount of memory it consumes. No other mobile based browser provides as much security as Brave Browser, considering it boasts of features such as private incognito tabs, blocking of third party cookies, and HTTPS Everywhere.

You can download this browser from apps world Google Play Store, free of cost. Block potentially malicious ads by visiting app world, downloading this browser, and installing it on your smartphone today. You can rest assured that you will find increase in speed when you next browse the net.

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Browse Sans Pop Ups With Brave Browser
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