Android Versions Are Always Named After The Name Of The Food, Why?

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. The mobile operating system from Google. Interestingly, the version of the operating system Android from the beginning until now has been kept all of the names of some sweet dishes.

Why is the name of the mobile operating system named after sweet items ?

If so, then you will be disappointed. Because, Google officials said that they had fun and because of this today has become a rule.

Android versions are named after the name of the food images, why?

The first version of Android, but the two were not in the name of sweet fruit. This is the beginning of the third version.

Developed by ?

Android Versions Are Named After Food Names

Android Versions Are Named After Food Names

Android is developed by the “Andy Rubin”, the brains behind the Android. Before working for Google, Andy Rubin worked for Apple, where, a couple of his coworkers gave him the nickname Android back in 1989 because of his love for robots.

In year 2012 Andy Rubin handed the ropes of Android to Sundar Pichai.

Andy Rubin loves the Desserts (Sweet Items). Therefore all the version of android named with sweet Items.

All the versions of the Android are appears in Alphabetical Order. The version history is given below :

History Of Android

History Of Android

These sweet dishes in Mountain View, California, has been in place for a sculpture at the headquarters of Google. Such as Google’s Android, as well as the name of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Apple has given developers different versions of the code name, such as leopard, jaguar, panther, lion etc.

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Android Versions Are Always Named After The Name Of The Food
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