Best 6 Android Apps For Movies 2017 Free To Use

Playing movies is one of the few chapters that Android does not excel. Standard video player still is a shame and does not encourage users to use it at all. Personally, I say step since the first time I grabbed a smartphone. Not worth the torment, at least not as long as many Android apps are so many movies available in PlayStore. As a consequence, here is a short top made based on personal experiences.
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Real Player

Maybe with a look not very attractive, but definitely an excellent manager of movies and music in terms of effective applications. If you want to have a single application to handle all things and therefore less memory space occupied, Real Player is the solution. In addition, it is extremely easy to use.


With a consistent list of codecs, this player can be the best choice. Need, however, a powerful processor to get media content that approaches HD resolution. However, to run MKV files with subtitles and several “exotic” video, MoboPlayer is a decent alternative, simple and free.

VLC for Android Beta

Like the computer player, VLC play a multitude of file types, allows you to adjust settings and more. When will be released the final version, can occupy one place without much trouble. For now, however, it is the last place on the podium.


A serious option for movie lovers. The results, of course, depend from your phone that you own and its features hardware. To play files AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, et al, deserves a place on your homescreen


The player with the most exquisite interface; It can be customized easily, providing a playlist, bookmarking and downloading, plus a fantastic design.


Ideal for playing movies mkv and avi formats, plus 1080p decoding some of the most powerful Android smartphones on the market. No shortage of scheme subtitles, of course!

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6 Android Apps For Movies 2017
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